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First Day of Spring!

Happy spring! It is a gray drizzling day here today, but signs of spring are still popping up all around. I thought today would be a good day to give you a few reading connections and how you can stretch a story.

You can pick a spring story you have at home, search one up on youtube or watch the one I have linked here for you. When Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes. This fun and colorful story show how the world changes as spring takes over the environment. It also plays into a fun writing project. In the world of pre-K children’s writing ability can be all over the map. Some children will need to draw the illustrations and then dictate to you what they want to write. Others will use one of the many stages of writing.

Stages of writing:

  • Squiggle lines to represent words
  • Random letters that have no connection the word they are writing (JmtIop=flower)
  • Writing just the beginning sound (f=flower)
  • Moving into hearing more sounds in words – teach your child to slowly stretch out the word to hear all the sounds (flr=flower)
  • Moving more into conventional spelling (flwer= flower)
  • conventional spelling (flower=flower)

Each of these steps is an important part of learning to write. I promise you… your child will not memorize flr as the spelling of the word flower, but giving them the freedom to write phonetically WILL give them the confidence to write. When children are dependent on adults to spell all the words they are afraid to write and won’t write. When they are given the freedom to write on their level, they will want to write!

Here is a writing activity based on the wording in the story, When Spring Comes, but can easily be used with any spring changes story.

writing prompt

Have your child brainstorm changes they see in the spring (snow melting, trees growing buds, flowers starting to bloom, animals coming out of hibernation and more). Have your child complete the illustrations first and then work on the writing. Providing the sentence starter allows your child to form a sentence without the work of sounding out all the words. If your child is ready to write a sentence on his/her own… just give him/her a blank paper and have them fold it in half and do the work on top and bottom leaving space for their words.

example of finished product

I decided to also share another fun and great learning activity that will go with spring… direct drawings. This is a great activity for so many reasons. It helps children see the drawing process, but there is so much more going on. This works on focus, listening to and watching the steps and directions. Following along and while being creative, following step by step. Everyone can put their own little spins on the art, but for the most part they are true to form. Art Hub for kids is a great youtube channel for these direct drawings. Here is a link to a direct drawing of a tulip in a pot.

I always have my students complete the drawing in pencil. Then the go over their pencil lines with a black maker to make the “coloring book” lines. Then they can color the picture. This would make a fun family project. It is crazy to see how different ages and personality interpret the drawings.

I had my sons help me show this process. You can see the step by step work on my i/g account

Share what you did on the first day of spring. What is your weather? What story did you read? Did you complete the writing or tulip drawing? Let me know in comments.

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