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Family Art Project

Today I decided to rope everyone into completing an art project together. This was a simple make it your way project.

lots of dots

Colby helped prep the pages by drawing dots randomly around the page. We then went back and made them a bit darker.

Each family member had his/her own sheet with a different dot configuration. Next we connected the dots with a marker. I used a gray marker instead of black and you could still see the dots as well as the lines, my sons used black and you only see the lines. It doesn’t really matter, but I just liked seeing the lines still.

connect the dots

We then began the process of coloring. Both my sons already knew what they wanted the finished picture to look like before coloring. I think my husband did too and connected his dots to look like something specific. Me… I went with geometric shapes and then when I was done coloring I transformed it into something-ish.

Something to remember with this project is there is no right or wrong way. It is a matter of being creative and just seeing where it goes from there. I find that I often am met with opposition when I propose these projects, but they all enjoy them and often ask to do it again another day.

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