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Monday Math- Spring Flowers/Showers

Today is Monday, which means time to share a math lesson. Since this week we are going to focus on the season of spring, I thought I’d share an easy and fun math/art activity.

Image result for spring showers

In this activity we are working on number concept (counting, number recognition and numeral writing), number sense (the understanding that 5 means 5 items no matter the size… 5 pompoms is the same quantity as 5 bowling balls), subsidizing numbers (the ability to recognize a quantity of objects without counting – dice configuration, tally marks, fingers, etc). Check out this Jack Hartmann video to help your child practice subsidizing.

Tools needed for this activity: a sheet of paper (or two), crayons an/or markers, one die(two if you want to make a it game or add another level of challenge) or number cards.

The first step can be completed by you or your child. You will need to draw either flower stems or umbrellas.

Have your child roll the die and write the numeral and then draw that many petals, or raindrops depending on which image your child choose to pick. (You will notice that I colored the umbrellas with the number of stripes to match the numeral as well.)

Keep going until your whole sheet is complete. Do not worry about duplicate numbers or getting every number on the board. It is all about the process of recognizing the quantity. Make sure your child counts as he/she add the items (petals or raindrops).

If your child is struggling, pull out a deck of cards and limit the numbers to 2,3,4. Struggling to write the numeral?- write the numeral with a yellow marker and have your child trace over it. Say aloud how to form the numeral so they form it correctly.

Your child has grasped all the concepts with the numbers 1-6? Provide two dice. They then have to combine the two dice to form a number 2-12. Have your child state the quantity on the first dice and then count up from there (you roll a 5 and 3 say 5,6, 7, 8). This is the concept of counting on.

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