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Friday Fun- Name flower pot

Colby and I were discussing what to do for our fun Friday activity. I considered giving you a spring scavenger hunt, but there are so many of those out there I know it is easy to Google that and find a ton. I thought about doing a craft, but then realized that I don’t have any construction paper here, and there is a good chance you don’t either. We considered doing another direct drawing, but could not decide what to do that was spring and not a flower like last week.

Ms Lori’s name flowers

Colby said he always thinks of flowers when he thinks of spring. So we decided to create a drawing project. Have your child draw a flower pot or bouquet of flowers. Draw one flower for each letter in his/her name.

We started off by drawing everything in pencil. We both drew the pots first. Then drew the plants. I outlined in marker and Colby just used marker to color his.

Colby’s name plants

I took the project very literal…. Colby well not so much. Just to give you an idea, he is 11, almost 12, and very, very creative. So the fact that he has a grape vine, apple tree, family tree, aliens and more in his drawing does not surprise me. Part of the reason I’m showing this is to remind you that there is no wrong to this project. Let your little one be creative.

I would encourage you to have your child write their name correctly. Yes, I know many preK teachers have children write their names all in capital letters, but I will tell you that the first thing a kindergarten teacher will do is correct this so that the name is written with only a capital for the first letter. So, I encourage you to help your child learn to write it correctly.

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun- Name flower pot

  1. This is very helpful thanks for the info you shared . I have a 4 year old and this definitely will help us . Thanks I will pass this along.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope it is helping you and your child during this crazy time. Feel free to pass it on to anyone else you feel would enjoy these activities


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