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Saturday- Family Fun: STEAM Challenge

Today I decided would be a good day to do a STEAM challenge. We do these often in the classroom, and the kiddos love the challenge. Today’s challenge only needs three items: a sheet of paper, a pair of scissors and a way to stick paper together (glue, stapler, tape).

tools needed

Each person needs one sheet of paper the same size. Show your child how to create a paper chain. Then each person needs to cut their paper into strips and turn the strips into chains.

sample chain

When all the paper is gone. Compare the lengths of everyone’s chains. The person with the longest chain wins.

This project works on a few skills. Fine motor skills of cutting straight lines, turning the paper to make the chain and gluing. Strategy/problem solving… how do I go about making the longest chain? Predicting. Measuring. Comparing lengths and so much more!

our longest (mine held up by my husband)
our shortest…

2 thoughts on “Saturday- Family Fun: STEAM Challenge

    1. I hope they all enjoy the challenge. one suggestion is to have everyone do it where they can’t see each other. In my house, people started giving up when they realized their solution would not win


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