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Phonemic Awareness Thursday- Friend Sounds

Many of my students are missing their peers, I know my own sons (11 and 13) miss this connection more than anything else. I also miss my students and hope they know that I miss them. So, I decided this would be a fun activity to get your child to think about his/her peers and be creative at the same time.

Last Thursday, we completed an activity on matching beginning sounds. This is a tricky skill for some children, but so important when starting to write. When children are able to isolate the beginning sound of a word it helps them in the encoding process of writing.

directions from book

Today’s activity has your child isolating the beginning sound of one word and then using that beginning sound to describe their friend. They will only need paper, crayons and a pencil. You can use scissors and cut out the people if you’d like, but it isn’t necessary.

Have your child draw pictures of his/her friends. I would have him/her draw him/herself and 3-5 peers. If they want to do more, tell them they can after you finish the first set. (They can draw the whole child or just the head… whatever works for your child)

Ask your child to tell you the name of each person in the picture. Now isolate the beginning sound in the child’s name (Sally starts with /s/, Blake starts with /b/). Now your child needs to think of something that the child might like that begins with the same sound as the name (Sally likes sunshine, Blake likes bikes etc).

Quick reminder…. this is an auditory activity and the sounds should match even if the letter does not. You do not have to do any writing for this activity, but you can after, or on the back, if your child wants to remember what they said. You could have your child label the picture with the child’s name, but not with the attribute. I know many names have sounds combinations which makes it harder when you put the printed word and your child hears /sh/ but only sees the first “s”. In the pictures above Shane and Sally both start with S, but Shane likes shells and Sally likes sunshine would be possible answers.

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