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Phonemic Awareness Thursday- Blending Onset and Rime

Yesterday I had an opportunity to have a zoom meeting with my class. I really miss seeing and working with my class every day. I try to do a combination of fun activities for the children and activities that the parents can do with the children at home.

Here is another activity that can easily be done at home, in the car, or on the fly, blending onset and rime. The onset, which consists of the initial consonant or consonant blend, and the rime which consists of the vowel and any final consonants.

Choose simple words that your child is familiar with such as animal names, colors or even the names of the people in your house.

Sit facing your child. Put out your right hand palm up and say the onset /c/. Put out your left hand and say the rime /ow/. Clap your hands together and say the word “cow”. When your child does it they should do it left to right, you are doing it backwards so that it is left to right for your child to see.

Another version if you have items or picture cards to use

Cute frog clipart | Frog art, Cute frogs, Clip art

Show your child a picture of the word you want to break apart. Again have your child use his/her hands while doing this activity. His/her left hand says the onset /fr/ and the right hand says the rime /og/. Then clap the hands together to say the whole word. “frog”

You could also do it so that your child says the onset /fr/ and you say the rime /og/ and you high five and say the word “frog”

Often times, you will have to help the children see the connection by saying the sounds faster and faster together until they can hear the connection between the onset and rime. They will get it… just keep playing the game.

If your child can blend these sound easily without support, you then can move to substituting the onset. If I change the /fr/ to /l/ what word do you have now? /l/ /og/–> log. Now change the /l/ to /h/ what word do you have? /h/ /og/ –> hog.

You also can substitute the rime. If you start with hog and change the /og/ to /at/ what word do you have? /h/ /at/–> hat

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