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phonemic awareness Thursday- compound words

Today we are going to work on breaking down longer words. The easiest way to begin this orally is to start with compound words. A compound word is a word made up of two smaller words. These typically are words that children are familiar with, yet they may not always see that they are two words in one.

Here is a fun on-line game to practice this skill.

This skill can be worked in both directions… tell the compound word and see if your child can break it into smaller words: basketball = basket + ball, jellyfish = jelly+fish. Or you can give the two smaller words and see if your child can come up with the compound word basket + ball= basketball.

After you have practiced the skill orally a few times you can provide your child with picture cues of the broken apart word and see if your child can put the pictures together as a whole word. This game can be played as a cross the room game, memory or just toss the pictures down and see if they can match up pairs.

Here are some other compound words to try

  • applesauce
  • basketball
  • bathroom
  • bedroom
  • birthday
  • blueberry
  • cupcake
  • downstairs
  • earring
  • firefly
  • fireman
  • goldfish
  • grasshopper
  • haircut
  • inside
  • jellyfish
  • mailbox
  • outside
  • pancake
  • playground
  • rainbow
  • snowflake
  • snowman
  • toothbrush
  • treehouse
  • upstairs
  • underwear
  • watermelon

When your child gets good, play silly compound words. Take and mix up the parts of compound word to make your own word. Have your child illustrate what the new word would look like… what would a upmellon or an applehouse look like? Get creative and most important… have fun!

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