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Fun Friday- Paper towel fun

In searching for ways to show colors, color mixing and color separation, I came across a fun video from The Dad Lab… I am doing this with my class today on zoom. It is cool and your kiddos will love not only playing with this concept, but sharing it with others.

But, before we get to this step in the process, we are going to review color mixing AND color separation. Color mixing is easy to see with the mixing of different color liquids. Since I don’t have paint a home, we will just use colored water.

After, we will have some fun. Have your child cut strips of napkins or paper towels into long strips. Then color onto the strip with washable markers. Make sure to leave the bottom 2″ or so blank.

Now dip that into a container of water, but do not dip the part you drew on, this will muddy the water AND cause a faster reaction. It will still work, as you can see my son dipped his in the wrong way… when you see the finished products you will see the difference.

After dipping into the water, leave it sitting on the edge of the bowl and watch the water wick up the paper towel. As it does this many marker colors will separate into their primary color combinations. Now this is not perfect science and most of the given pigmentation will remain, but you can begin to see the color separate and combine with the other colors you used.

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