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Phonemic Awareness Thursday- Rhyme Away

This activity is a fun whiteboard activity, but I will tell you a few ways to switch it up at home.

When completing rhyme away, draw a picture on a whiteboard or with chalk on the sidewalk. Tell your child a rhyme that corresponds with items in the picture. Your child will then erase that items in the picture. You could do this a a rhyme and draw if you want your child to complete the drawing instead (just say draw instead of erase).

rhyme away picutre

Here is one I have not done with my class and is easy enough to draw at home.

Just for fun erase the ______ (sun)

Blueberries are tasty but this tree has ___________ (cherries)

Count to three while you erase the rest of the _______ (tree)

You can be proud when you erase the ______ (cloud)

I’ll make it brief please erase the ______ (leaf)

The picture doesn’t have a tower, but it does have a ______ (flower)

You won’t earn a gem by erasing the _____ (stem)

One last pass, go ahead and erase the ______ (grass)

Remember the purpose of this activity is to practice rhyming. By providing the illustration with limited options you are focusing the answers to the options in the illustration.

If your child is struggling to pick out the rhyming pairs, isolate the given rhyming word and see if your child can figure out the rhyme without the extra words. If they still struggle, start saying fun- tree, fun- grass, fun- sun and see if your child can pick up on the rhyming pair. Once your child get a hang of it, go back to the riddles and see if they can do it without the extra support

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