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Letter of the Day- Hh

Hh is for hair. I picked this topic for a few different reasons… one well I’m sure hair has been a topic of discussion since the pandemic, I know it has been in my house. Two… it is a great way to discuss the importance of seeing, acknowledging, and accepting the differences in people. Often times parents, teachers and other adult say “children don’t see color” this isn’t true… they do. The difference is they do not judge on the color of a persons skin. Prejudice and bias is taught, but so is acceptance and love. When we talk about differences, and show that the things that make you different are the things that make you special, we don’t pretend that people are all the same… we accept, acknowledge and love the differences in us all.

Jack Hartmann H song

Printing the letter Hh

Capital H– start at the top, go straight downnnn, jump back to the top but over to the right, go straight downnnn again, cross in the middle to connect the lines

lowercase h– start at the top, go straight downnnn, go back up half way, curve down and stop

Today’s activities: Hair!

Hair Like Mine by LaTasha M. Perry — A little girl is upset because she does not know of anyone who has hair like hers. Mom explains that everyone is has different hair, nose, eyes and toes. The little girl begins to see mom is right and appreciates difference between everyone.

Bippity Boop Barbershop by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley – Miles is going to the barbershop for his first haircut with his daddy. Miles learns about getting his hair cut and with the support of his dad he is brave enough to get a haircut just like his dad.

Draw a picture of yourself… add yarn, string, cut paper or other items as your hair. What makes your hair special?

What if You Had Animal Hair? by Sandra Markle- This book is part of a fun series that puts animal attributes onto humans. It is a fun combination of animal facts and humorous photos of what it would be like if humans had animal hair.

What if you had animal hair… which animal’s hair would you pick? Do some research of your own to learn about your favorite animal hair.

Crazy Hair Day by Barney Saltzberg– Stanley is very excited for crazy hair day, but he figures out that he got the date wrong… oops! The class finds a way to make him feel better.

Be creative… have your own family crazy hair day. How could you transform your hair for a crazy hair day? Draw a photo of yourself and then blow water color paint for your hair.

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