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Letter of the Day- Ll

My original thought when I was planning for the letter Ll was to do Lego. Lego building blocks are such great learning tools. When you buy the kit, you are showing your child the importance of following step-by-step directions. When they take it apart, they can engineer the same pieces into a new design and structure. They can be used for math, science, art and so much more.

But, I decided to take detour and go art for a change…. So here we go!

Jack Hartmann Ll song

Printing the letter Ll

Capital L- start at the top, straight line downnn, straight across at the bottom from left to right

lowercase l- start at the top, straight line downnnn

Today’s activity– Lines!

  • Lines that Wiggle by Candace Witmann— all types of lines are used to draw pictures.
    • Have your child draw a picture using lines of a variety of types. There are a variety of ways do complete line drawings, show your child a few different types and have him/her pick one or more to use to create a drawing
  • The Line– by Paula Bossio– a wordless book that shows a little girl playing with a pencil drawn line.
    • This is a great way to show children how they can tell a story with their pictures even if they can’t/don’t write any words.
    • Have your child draw their own story based on the format of “The Line”.
    • Play some music and have your child draw a picture using only lines (or include a person as in the story), based on the feeling created by the music
  • Mondrian Animation— watch the art of Mondrian transform and move
    • Piet Mondrian is a Dutch artist is considered one of the great artist of the 20th century. He is known as a pioneer for abstract art. While he has a diverse collection of art types over the years, most people think of his work with black lines and red, yellow and blue squares.
    • Show your child examples of Mondrian art. Show your child how to use a ruler to draw straight lines. Let your child decide the direction, width, length and intersection of the lines. Then have your child pick a few random spaces to color red, yellow and blue.

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