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Letter of the Day– Nn

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high falls, Asheville, NC

I’m back! It feels like I took a month off, but it really was just over a week. My family and I traveled to Asheville, NC and enjoyed getting away. We did a lot of hiking and visited many waterfalls. This website, allows you to travel to Asheville virtually if you want a chance to check it out yourself.

But, now I’m home again and it is time to get back into the alphabet. We last worked on Mm (which is the 13th letter, so we are half way done). So onto…

Jack Hartmann Nn song

Printing Nn

Capital N– start at the top, straight line downnn, jump back up to the top, slant down, straight up

lowercase n- straight down, back on the same line, curve and down

When thinking of letter activities, Nn was easy… names! Names are so important. We need to learn to respect other’s names, learn to pronounce them correctly, only use nicknames when the child asks, and remember that a name is big part of your identity.

My Name is Yoon by Helen Recovits– Yoon recently moved to the United States. She is struggling to adjust and does not want to learn to write her name in English. She loves that it means shining wisdom and the way it looks written in Korean. Over time she learns it still means shining wisdom and learns to write it in English.

Learning to write your names is a big skill in both preK and kindergarten. When your child enters kindergarten, he/she will be expected to write their name with only the first letter capitalized (unless your names has multiple capitals such as McKenna or Daisy-Mae). I teach this starting day 1 in my preK class, but I know it is very common for preschools to teach children to write names all in capital letters. Personally I think this is wrong because now your child needs to unlearn this behavior.

Teach your child to spell his/her names while writing it. Putting the name into a song usually helps as it creates an additional connection to the letters. Click here and here for two blogs talking about putting names into songs.

Have your child write his/her name on every paper they use, every artist signs their artwork. Write names with crayons, markers, pencils, chalk, water and paint bush on the sidewalk, colored pencils, MagnaDoodle… and any other medium.

layered crayons
over and over and over

Alma and How She Got Her Name by Juana Martinez-Neal. Alma Sofia Esperanza José Pura Candela thinks her name is too long until she learns the significance of each part of her name.

Teach your child the significance of his/her name. If he/she has a nickname, make sure you teach their given name too.

When your child become proficient at writing his/her first name, begin practicing their last name.

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