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Letter of the day– Oo

When thinking about Oo I was originally going to do octopus, but decided to go with something that will enrich your child’s vocabulary instead… opposites. Why do we teach opposites? Well for a few reasons, one as I already stated it is for enriching vocabulary and stretching those sentences. But that is not all! Many opposites are positional words which help children describe things AND follow directions. Finally… opposites is a way to compare and contrast. Compare and contrast is one of those 21st century skills that you hear teachers and schools talk about. This skill/concept is used a lot in projects, explanations, open-ended questions and so much more in school. So… today we will play with opposites

Jack Hartmann’s Oo song

Printing the letter Oo

Capital O- start like the capital C and close it up (remember teaching how to make the letter C is key to many letter writing)

lowercase o- start like lowercase c and close it up

I tell my kiddos this is one of those easy-peasy lemon squeezy letters!

Today’s activities: Opposites!

The Opposite Song from KidTV123– this song is a bit long in my opinion, but it does repeat itself at the end so you could always stop it early. Using music is a great way to introduce a skill

A Garden of Opposites by Nancy Davis — While this book uses simple pictures and single words it is a great way to review opposites. I would actually turn off the sound on this story and have your child try to determine what opposite is being shown in the picture. Some of the illustrations could be seen a multiple opposites and you might be surprised to see what words your child thinks of… but make sure to also share the word on the page!

Big Bear, Small Mouse by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman (They write a book series including the story Bear Snores On… a popular child’s book)– This book reviews opposites, but it is written in story form. I like this to enrich language and show that you can work on opposites while speaking in full sentences. When working on opposites with your child encourage him/her to speak in full sentences — The rock is on top of the table. Now, the rock is under the table. Make sure to model this for your child… the more they hear you speaking in complete and longer sentences, the more they will do this on their own

Marta! Big & Small by Jan Arena– Marta is an ordinary girl, but she has some extraordinary friends. This story watches Marta, una niña, compare herself to the animals she meet. The story teaches: opposites, animals and some Spanish too.

Time to play!

I took some toys outside and played with opposites… here are some examples:

The mini figure is dry, then wet. But, you could also say it is in the pool and out of the pool. He is right side up, and then upside down. He is also on my hand and off my hand. See LOTS of examples just in this pair of pictures.

When looking at the monster truck, you see left/right, large/small, close/faraway and much more.

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