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Letter of the Day– Rr

I’m back! I hope everyone enjoyed a few days off with their family and friends. We will jump in and finish off the alphabet. R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z… that’s it!

Onto R we go… I spent some time trying to decide what items do learn about with the letter R. Race cars, rainbows, rectangles… nope! I know lets try…

Jack Hartmann Rr song

Printing Rr

Capital R- start at the top, straight line downnnn, jump back to the top curve to the right and in at the middle, then slant to the right (Children often struggle with doing the bump and slant in a fluid motion. They want to make the line come out of the bottom of the bump or at a different spot on the straight line)

lowercase r– straight down, up on the same line almost to the top, curve to the right a bit and STOP

Today’s activities: Robots!

Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot by Margaret McNamara– This is a fractured fairy tale based on The Three Little Pigs. It is a great way to compare and contrast stories and introduce the concept of the solar system to your kiddo.

Three Little Pigs and Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot
  • Two easy activities to do with this story would be either a story map or a Venn diagram.
    • Story Map– have your child illustrate the steps of the story. Talk about characters, setting, and the main idea of the story. You can also discuss beginning, middle and end. While reading the story, have your child make predictions to see if they can guess what will happen next. Since it is set against a familiar text format, they should have an ideas about what will come next.
    • Venn Diagram. Children at this age are beginning to explain the similarities and differences between many things… including stories.

Boy + Bot by Ame Dyckman– Boy meets Bot in the woods. They have a great time together, when Bot get switched off, Boy does everything he can to help his friend feel better. Boy falls asleep and Bot powers back on, now Bot is worried that Boy’s powers is low and tries to help him.

  • This is a great book to talk about empathy and how to help others.
roll and draw a robot
  • Roll and draw/roll and make: The children roll a dice and then have to use that shape to make a part of his/her robot. They can draw the parts or you can have them prepared ahead of time and have him/her glue the pieces as needed. When I do this, I do not say… ok now roll for your head. Ok now roll for your body etc… But just have the children roll. Some may start at the top and work their way down, but others may go all over to figure out where they pieces fit. Plus, they may add items you would not think to add.

R is for Robots: A Noisy Alphabet by Adam Watkins — Silly robots build the alphabet and represent the letters with noises. B- beep boop, K- kapow, R- rattatat

Have your child think of other words and sounds that can represent the letters of the alphabet.

Practice Robot Speak to review syllables.

Transform an empty box into a robot, robot head or even robot costume

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