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Letter of the Day– Ss

The letter Ss means sunshine, sandcastles, the seashore and…

 Letter Ss song by Jack Hartmann

Printing the letter Ss

Capital S — start in the same place you start capital c, make a little c, before you finish the c, start curving back the other way. (S is one of those letters that you have to do over and over and over to get the muscle memory on how it is formed. Some children see the process easily and others struggle with the motion)

lowercase s– start where you start a lowercase s… follow the steps of the capital, just smaller!

Today’s activities: Seahorses!

Seahorses by Nicole Corse– this is an informational text about seahorses. Learn facts about seahorses.

One Lonely Seahorse by Joost Elfers– The seahorse learns that she has friends as she counts all those she encounters. The illustrations in this book are created from fruits and vegetables.

How to draw a Seahorse from Art for Kid Hub– I love sharing these direct drawings with my students.

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