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Letter of the Day- Ww

T, U, V, ….. WWWWWW

Jack Hartmann Ww song

Printing the letter Ww

Capital W- Start at the top, slant down to the bottom, slant up, slant down, slant up. Sometimes people will write it Straight down, slant up, slant down, straight up, but the lowercase is all slants, so it is easier to teach them both the same way (IMO)

lowercase w- slant down, slant up, slant down, slant up

Today’s activity— WATER!

Water is such a great topic and can go in so many directions. It is also typically a big chunk of two areas of preK standards– needs of plants, animals and humans (drinking water) and the water cycle.

  • Hey Water by Antoinette Portis– A girl explores her world and sees water everywhere. She notices how the water moves and sounds.
    • Create a bubble map of all the places you can see water.
  • A Cool Drink of Water by Barbara Kerley — Everyone across the globe depends on water to drink. This National Geographic book displays people across the globe gathering and drinking water.
    • This is a great opportunity to talk about how plants, animals and humans need water to survive.
  • Other water activities:
    • fill the sink and let your child wash their toys (dolls, cars, or other washable toys)
    • play outside in a sprinkler
    • have your child help water the plants
    • test out items that will sink or float (fun item to try… a peeled and not peeled orange!)

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