letter of the day

Letter of the day- Yy

Can you believe we are almost done with the alphabet? Guess that means we are almost done with summer too. This year is so hard with so many questions about what to do next. The only answer I have is do what is best for your family. AND in turn be supportive and accepting of other families who are also trying to make this tough decision. No one knows if it is best to stay home or go back. Not every family has the luxury of this choice. We need to practice being supportive so we can stop being judgmental. So… onto the letter Yy

Jack Hartmann Yy song

Printing the letter Yy

Capital Y– start at the top, slant to the right and middle and back up to the top (forming a v), go down to the point where the two lines touch and draw a straight line down. (most children can form this letter after they are shown how, they often want to make it in three strokes by going left-> middle, right -> middle, down. If they are struggling to determine where to stop, draw a dot for a guide mark)

lowercase y– start on the left, short slant to the right, jump up to the right, longggg slant to the left. (this letter is often tricky as the children want to make a smaller version of the capital or end up making a v with a short tail…. the other issue is swapping the long and short slants. It takes practice!)

Today’s activities: Yak and Yuck

I found two books that both cover the same topic… Yaks who think everything new is yucky!

The Yak Who Yelled Yuck by Carol Pugliano-Martin: (this is a story written to focus on the letter Y). A young yak thinks everything new is yucky until she learns a yummy lesson

Yuck said the Yak by Alex English: Alfie doesn’t seem to worried when a Yak pulls up on a bike, but when the Yak says yuck to everything Alfie offers Alfie thinks the yak is very rude.

Today is a great day to test out new foods! No child wants to be like the yaks and say yuck to everything. It is a great time to encourage children to try foods they have never tried before.

Other Y words/activities:

  • Yum…well if we did Yuck we might as well do yum
  • Yellow— create a yellow collage. This is a great way to practice scissor skills and review colors
  • Yelling– practice working recognizing different voice levels
  • yo-yo– this is a fun and challenging fine motor activity
  • yarn– create a yarn project, talk about how yarn is used to make sweaters, blankets and so much more (Wonderful Wool by SciShow Kids)
  • yogurt– this could be used for your yum/yuck test… try out different flavors and styles of yogurt

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