letter of the day

Letter of the day- Zz

This is it…the last letter of the day post. Not sure where I will go from here. Lots rolling around in my head about the rest of the summer and then the fall. Who doesn’t have lots of questions about the fall? I think for the rest of July and the first part of August I will post fun activities that don’t feel academic, but are! Who doesn’t like a learning activity that doesn’t feel like a learning activity? Stay tuned!

Jack Hartmann’s Zz song

Printing the letter Zz

Capital Z- start at the top, straight line across to the right, slant to the left until you are under the point you started, straight across to the right

lowercase z– same as capital, just smaller

Today’s activities: Zebra

  • Z is for Moose by Kelly Bingham– Zebra and Moose are going through the alphabet, and Moose is excited to be part of the alphabet. Watch what happens when M is not for Moose…
    • Create your own alphabet book, what would you use for each letter of the alphabet?

The Zebra Said Shhh by M.R. Nelson–Zebra wants to sleep, but the other animals in the zoo were still busy playing. This is a calming bedtime story.

  • Create a timeline of your bedtime. Creating a bedtime routine helps children settle each night. What do you do every night to get ready for bed?

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