math review– numbers 1-6

Six… why six? I wanted to provide some activities you can play with a die and well that is the numbers 1-6!

Roll and write. Create a grid paper and number it 1-6. As your child rolls the die, they fill in the grid with that number. You can have them use a pencil, crayon, marker or other writing tool. They can use the same color or a different color for each number, OR a different color for each row… make it fun!

Roll a watermelon. Draw, or have your child draw, a series of watermelon slices without seeds. Draw a line under or next to each watermelon. Have your child roll a die and then write the numeral on the line. Next, they need to draw that many seeds in the watermelon slice. I typically make more than 6 so that you can have duplicate numbers.

The photos for this activity didn’t want to load… grr! But, you can find them on my Instagram @mydayinpre_k

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