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Math review– counting

Many times when we talk about counting, people automatically assume we are talking about counting aloud. While this is an important rote skill for children, it is not the only counting skill for children to work on.

Ranking the Numbers 1-10 | Earn This
  • Counting out loud— children at 3/4 should be able to count to 20 with limited mistakes. Often times they struggle with the forgetting a teen number or two. Another common mistake is generalizing the teen rule and stating 11-teen, 12-teen. Counting is a great thing to do while waiting! When your child makes a mistake, calmly state the number that should have come next and see if they continue from there. If they continue to make mistakes, then say… lets start again.
  • Counting objects– children need to count objects. This requires they understand that every object they touch is quantified by the number they are stating. Many children struggle with this concept and will either skip objects, skip numbers or count objects multiple times. Provide your child with a group of objects and have him/her count all the items. Often in the classroom we encourage children to set the objects up in lines or arrays to keep track of the items he/she has already counted. (work on sets up to 10) The goal of this is for your child to understand that the last number stated represents the number of objects in that group
    • touch to count– touch each object while counting
    • move to count– move each object while stating the number
    • line up to count– line up the objects into a line and then count
  • Counting back/down— children love to say 3,2,1 blast off. Start this with larger and larger numbers at this age they should be able to count back from 10. (again this is a great thing to do while waiting in line, in the car or other sit and wait moments)
  • Counting on— this skill can be done orally as well as by counting objects… it is an addition skill. Provide your child with a know number or quantity and then have him/her count up from there or count the rest of the objects from that spot.
    • 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 etc…
    • I have 5 blocks here count how many blocks are there if I add the rest of the blocks in? 5, 6, 7, 8

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