Beginning Sounds Game Boards

Children love playing games! My newest uploads into my Teachers Pay Teachers Store are four game boards to help your child practice and review recognize beginning sounds. Each game includes a game board and a set of pictures.

Players will choose picture cards. Look at the card, name the picture on the card. The first sound of that picture tells you where to move on the board. Move around the board and see who gets to the end first!

Beginning sound board game Dd, Jj, Pp, Ss— help the duck get to the pond ($1.50)

Beginning sound board game Ff, Hh, Mm, Qq, Vv— help the mouse get to the cheese($1.50)

Beginning sound board game Cc, Gg, Nn, Tt, Ww— help the race car get to the checkered flags($1.50)

Beginning sound board game Bb, Kk, Ll, Rr— help the butterfly get to the flower($1.50)

Whole set— this includes an extra board game (Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo, Uu, Qq, Yy, Zz) helping the octopus get to the seaweed and a blank board to help the cat get to the yarn ($5.00)

Parents… you too can order from Teachers Pay Teachers! All you need to do is create an account. It is a great place to locate items to help your child will all types of learning. They serve pre-K-12th grades.

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