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Dot Day

Today is Dot Day! It is a day to celebrate children finding that connection between creativity and confidence. It is also about how one person can make a big change in the life of a child. Let’s help every child learn to make their own mark on the world… even if it is only a dot.

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

my picture is dot-ish!

Now it is time to make your dot! Will you paint a dot? Will you draw a dot? Or make paper dots? Will you make a dot out of dots? Or a dot without dots? Will your dot be big or small? Will you make one dot or hundreds of today? That is the thing we need to understand… there is NO write way to make a dot… there is just your way to make a dot!

Want to hear and share more about how we can encourage children to see their work as powerful and important. How another person can help everyone see the importance of their creative exploration? Check out the other two books in Reynold’s trilogy and even hear Reynold’s talk about how the book came to be.

Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds

Click here to hear Peter Reynolds talk about how The Dot came to be.

Find more ways to connect to International Dot Day

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