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Shameless plugs!

If you do not follow my blog already… please do! It’s easy just click on the follow button on my side bar. You can set it up to send you emails of the posts, or send them to your wordpress feed.

Do you follow my blog on Facebook? If you do then you know that I have been doing live streams on Friday afternoons. I have already done 4 weeks of videos: apples, acorns, popcorn/5 senses and The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything. You can find them here, or click play button below!… and then remember to click like and follow!

Are you looking for more pictures and ideas from me? Follow @mydayinprek on Instagram!

Are you looking for some easy practice ideas to use with your kiddos? Head over to my store at Teachers Pay Teachers. I create kits for pre-k to first grade. These can be used in classrooms, or in your home. All kits under $10 with most being $1 or $2 each. Click on my logo below to head to my store at Teachers Pay Teachers

If you have ideas for kits for Teachers Pay Teachers, let me know. If I make the kit I will send you a free copy.

Have ideas for a weekly topic for my blog? Let me know!

Feel free to drop comments and let me know what you and your kids think of the activities you find on here!

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