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How I plan! And how you can help

As a teacher there are various ways of planning life and lessons moving forward. Often you have to follow a set curriculum either set by the text books you are expected to use and/or the standards set by the state you live/work in. But, these aren’t the only factors to take in accord. You need to know your students. One of my philosophy statements is a textbook is a tool, not a toolbox! I believe in making connections in learning between life and as well as between the subjects that need to be taught.

I have always used the state standards as my guide, this give me more freedom in how to get to the knowledge than just using the text book and other resources provided.

This year, since I am not working in a school, but instead am planning these lessons here for you… the families of preK and kindergarten students, who need extra support. I’m have been going back to my roots of thematic teaching. Picking a topic and diving into that topic to teach the skills needed!

But, now I need to pick topics. I do not want to spend the month of November working on Thanksgiving. (Did you notice I did not teach Halloween all of October??) I often find November to be a lost month. When teaching we often have to touch on the election, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. But, there is so much more to the month.

So now I try to plan… do we work on food/nutrition? This easily ties into Thanksgiving. Do we work on communities or families? Do we work on farm life? Or do we pick something totally different? Something not related to any of the November holidays/events?

HELP! What do you, the readers of this blog want to see? What would help you planning your daily/weekly activities for your child. What would your child enjoy learning about at this time?

Drop me a line here and give me some feedback… OR email me at mydayinprek@gmail.com and let me know your ideas!

2 thoughts on “How I plan! And how you can help

  1. I love how you go different directions instead of inundating the lessons based on one holiday all month long, yet they relate to the month/holiday. I think of Harvest (winter harvesting of certain veggies). The time change? Preparing for winter solstice relating to the earth/sun/etc. Hibernation? Or is that too early? Birds flying south? Just throwing things that come to mind. 🙂

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