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Bears Hibernate for the Winter

When people talk about hibernation typically the first animal to come to mind is the bear. Bears actually do not truly hibernate, but do slow down their heart and lungs. When animals truly hibernate, they cannot be woken up, but bears brains stay alert enough to be aware of their surroundings. Bears go into a state called torpor.

Torpor involves physiological changes related especially to body temperature, metabolism, and water balance. Hibernation is when an organism spends the winter in a state of dormancy


Why do bears hibernate by Mystery Doug

Hibernation Video by Keeley Johnson

Baby Bear’s Not Hibernating by Lynn Plourde — read by Lynn Plourde

Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson (as told by Between the Lions)

Talk about what bears can, need and are for hibernation/torpor and then write and draw about it.

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