Blogmas- day 5

The fifth day of Blogmas brought this question for you and me….. (did you head the tune to the 12 days of Christmas while reading that?) from Three Cats and a Girl

Would you rather have gingerbread or candy canes? This is the easiest for me so far… I would very easily give up gingerbread. While I do like a Pepperidge Farms Gingerbread Man from time to time, typically when I teach the Gingerbread Man at school, that is about it for me. I am not a big gingerbread fan. Not the cake, not the cookies, not the smell… yep not for me.

But, I do enjoy candy canes… only the traditional peppermint ones. I love to dunk them in hot chocolate, add them to chocolate cookies, and just eat them as candy canes. While I don’t want a ton of them and wouldn’t want them all year round, I’d much prefer a candy cane to anything gingerbread.

What about you? Your kids?

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