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The Love Letter

Today we will read the story The Love Letter by Anika Aldamuy Denise. In this story, a hedgehog, bunny and squirrel are friends. They enjoy being together, and having their own personality quirks. One day hedgehog finds a letter, but not just any letter, a love letter. This motivates him to act more cheerful, as the love of friendship in this letter perks his mood. Each of the friends finds the letter and the letter helps them each feel loved. Until, they realize that the letter was found by the others. That the letter wasn’t meant for them. See what happens when they learn who wrote the letter and how the author of the letter helps them each see the joy they found.

This is a great opportunity to explore feelings. Often times adults assume that children understand and can read feelings, but it often is not true. Children struggle with understanding their own feelings never mind seeing and understanding the feelings of others. We need to explore feelings with children. Listen and watch The Feeling Song by Miss Molly and then illustrate feelings with your child.

Have your child write/dictate a love letter to a friend or family member. Show how this letter can help another feel good… AND help the person writing it also feel good!

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