It’s apple season!

Fall means apples. It is time to pick out some tasty apples to eat and try. Have your child go with you to the grocery store, or even better an apple orchard. Pick out a variety of apples to try. In school, we typically try to pick 3 or 4 apples that look different (granny… Continue reading It’s apple season!



Ever feel like you are hearding cats just trying to get one or two children to go from playing to eating dinner? Did you ever wonder how your child’s teacher gets 18-25 children to move from one activity to another? Let me tell you a secret… it’s all about consistent transitions! What is a transition?… Continue reading Transitions

I’m Sorry

Often when children do thing that upset another child adults force them to say I’m sorry. But, if you only tell the child “say I’m sorry” and that is it, are they really sorry? Do they understand what they are sorry for? Why do I have to say I’m sorry, I really wanted that toy.… Continue reading I’m Sorry

Get Out and Grow

As the weather gets cooler, it is a great opportunity to get outside. There is so much learning that can occur out in nature. Gross motor development is an essential part of your child’s development. When children are very young, we focus on their gross motor development. Parents get so excited to watch their child… Continue reading Get Out and Grow

News to Share

I have taken a new teaching position. I will be working with young threes and threes at a childcare center. So, what does that mean for my blog… well I will still post and provide you activities to do. I will still suggest ways to help your child in pre-K and kindergarten. But, it might… Continue reading News to Share

Old Friends, New Friends

As your child prepares for the new school year, it is a time to talk about friendships. Many children need reassurance that they will have friends in school. Often we tell them that they will know the children in their class, but that isn’t always true. There will be times they do not know anyone… Continue reading Old Friends, New Friends

Who is in your circle?

Today we will listen to the story The Circles All Around Us by Brad Montague. In this story, a young child draws a circle around their shoes, a place for just one. They then realize that there is more to the world than just one. They create a larger circle for their family a caring… Continue reading Who is in your circle?

What is that??

Often times our children draw pictures that are not recognizable. This is a stage in the development, but adults you have a role to play in this… think about the wording of what you say to your child. Instead of asking what is that? Which implies you can’t tell what they are drawing instead state… Continue reading What is that??

First day

It’s time to get ready to go back to school. This is such a fun and exciting time. Everything is new… new clothes, new backpack, new school supplies. Some children get over excited about all this new and change. But, remember that not all children deal with change well. There are some children who will… Continue reading First day

Where to start

Is your little one getting ready for preK or kindergarten? Maybe they are heading off to first grade? Oftentimes I get asked, what do I need to do to get my child ready for school. There is so much to that question. Are you asking about academically, socially or just in general? Here are some… Continue reading Where to start


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