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Letter of the day- Ee

E is for elephant. I picked this topic for two reasons. One I wanted to share the story Elmer by David McKee, and I wanted to share some nonfiction research, yes research.

Jack Hartmann’s Ee song

Printing Ee

Capital E- start at the top, straight line downnnn, across at the top, across in the middle, across at the bottom

lowercase e- across from left to right in the middle, up and around like the letter “c” make sure you touch the straight line on both sides. (This is a tough letter for kiddos to form. They want to make it very disjointed. the biggest pieces is to get them to go across first and then up and around AND getting them to go in the correct direction)

Today’s activities: Elephants!

Elmer by David McKee (read by David McKee!)

Elephants by Victoria Marcos

Elephants 101 by Nat Geo Wild

Live streaming elephants. These are live streams, so you may or may not see the elephants depending on the time of day

Watering Hole in Mpala Research Centre in central Kenya— I had to scroll back in this feed when I checked it out. I saw elephants, rhinos, guineafowl and more

SanDiego Zoo elephant Cam

Elmer by David McKee is a story about a patchwork elephant. The other elephants love his humor, but laugh at him also for being different. One say Elmer leaves and the other elephants realize they miss not just his humor, but Elmer himself. The other elephants realize that the things that made Elmer different were the things that made him special. Have your child draw an elephant (or copy a blank elephant) and then decorate that elephant in a way that represents what make your child special.

Elephants Can, Are, Have– Can, Are, Have charts are a great way to collect facts and information learned about a topic. These are also used in later grades to help form paragraphs. You read the chart by stating Elephant can ____. Elephants are ____. Elephants have ____.

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